FOSUserBundle & FOSFacebookBundle

Struggling with FOSUserBundle and FOSFacebookBundle integration? We’ll help you to figure out how to make them work.

Our 15 minutes tutorial will save you days of searching for the right solution.

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Product Description

FOSFacebookBundle and FOSUserBundle are great pieces of code and do a really good job in their respective fields but making them work together can be a pain.
By installing FOSUserBundle and FOSFacebookBundle you can have a Symfony application that authenticates your users against your own database or through Facebook without having to write a great deal of code, however you do have to configure them correctly. Following the official documentation is not enough for this task, you need to know how Symfony security systems work to master this job.
If that’s where you are struggling this tutorial will guide you through the correct installation and configuration of FOSFacebookBundle and FOSUserBundle.

With this tutorial you’ll see:

  • How to install FOSUserBundle
  • How to install FOSFacebookBundle
  • How to tweak security and routing configuration to make them work togheter
  • How to create new users on Facebook login
  • How to customize FOSUserBundle templates
  • How to match existing users and Facebook users using email

Just 12€ will save you from hours of skimming stackoverflow and the interwebz for the right way to do it. If you are looking for the solution for this specific issue, you have now found it!

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2 reviews for FOSUserBundle & FOSFacebookBundle

  1. antoni
    4 out of 5


    solution work with symfony2 or symfony2.1?

    • ftassi


      This tutorial has been updated to Symfony 2.3, but we can send a 2.0 version if you need it.

  2. John
    1 out of 5


    12 Euro for 15 minut tutorial ?

    • ftassi


      Hi John,
      We try to keep our tutorial as short as possible. After recording it we cut errors, we accelerate boring parts and we do whatever we need to make our screencast dense and concise (as a matter of fact, the original uncut version is way more longer than 15 minutes). We value your time most of all, if you can get all the info you need in 15 minutes instead of 30 that is better for you.

      From our point of view, the shorter the better, we want to keep our tutorial rich in contents, not long in time.

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